Superior Cooling

When you purchase or rent a KOLDTEK produce cooling system, rest assured you’re getting a superior machine, designed by engineers for Australian conditions. 

KOLDTEK has a reputation for reliability, longevity and efficiency. 30 years of engineering development is evident in all our equipment, you just need to look at them. 

Only KOLDTEK can provide the “KOLDCOIL” system, developed by KOLDTEK specifically for all our vacuum coolers. 

This unique coil design increases the effectiveness of the refrigeration system, resulting in quicker more efficient cooling of your produce, this translates to more money in your pocket.

The Flexibility

We provide the two best options for cooling your produce quickly.

  1. Vacuum Coolers – Suitable for leafy produce as well as mushrooms and cut flowers.
  2. Hydrocoolers – Suitable for produce that can tolerate being sprayed with cold water.

The Flexibility

  • Rent or Buy
  • Reliability with low maintenance and low running costs.
  • Australian designed stainless steel construction, including state-of-the-art components.
  • Designed to your specific requirements.
  • Easily transportable with 2 pallet and 4 pallet vacuum coolers.
  • Koldtek offers a range of vacuum cooler sizes from 1 to 8 pallets or larger if required.
Koldtek is flexible in its approach to design, working with our customers to meet their particular needs.

The Trusted Brands We Work With

Let's talk about how Koldtek can improve your produce cooling systems

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