About Koldtek
KOLDTEK began in 1985 when Keith Blacker designed and manufactured the first KOLDTEK refrigeration system under his house in Brisbane. His brother, Grant Blacker joined the family business not long after. Both Keith and Grant studied Agricultural Engineering at the D.D.I.A.E, (now known as USQ) Toowoomba.

Once he had completed his degree, Keith started work with C.O.D, where his interest in cooling fruit and vegetables began. He quickly identified that existing refrigeration systems were inadequate and unsuitable for efficiently cooling fresh produce. He then created KOLDTEK’s first refrigeration systems. They were “ultra-high humidity systems” designed to “force air cool” produce quickly with the added advantage of ultra-high humidity. After extensive research, both in Australia and in America it became clear that far superior systems were being developed overseas that could be adapted to suit growers in Australia.

These systems, vacuum coolers (introduced in 1989) and hydrocoolers are what KOLDTEK specialises in today,

The development of KOLDTEK’s range of equipment has continued to improve and develop into a product that growers around Australia and overseas are using today. Using the latest technology and the best materials to produce extremely effective and efficient refrigeration equipment Koldtek continues to be a market leader in cooling systems for the agricultural market.

Sadly, Keith passed away in 2006. Grant has continued Keith’s legacy and passion to design, develop and supply refrigeration equipment that meets the cooling needs of the horticultural industry. KOLDTEK continues to manufacture equipment to the highest quality, always keeping the customer’s needs first and foremost in his designs.

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