“Grant Blacker of Koldtek has provided us with many quality products over the past decade. His commitment to service and reliability are of exceptional standards.

We only have to give a call and he is on the issue as quick as possible.

Our properties are 3.5 hours drive from Grant’s head office.

We have no qualms in highly recommending Grant and his company Koldtek.”

Raymon Taylor, Managing Director, Taylor Family Produce.


“Our business Qualipac has been renting vacuum coolers from Koldtek since 2012. We recently purchased their 2 pallet vacuum cooler and ice maker, and we also rent a 2 pallet vacuum cooler. 

Koldtek Vacuum coolers play an extremely important role in our business, allowing us to supply the freshest and best quality broccoli and beans to the export and local market. The Koldtek products have never let us down and Grant’s support to our business has been invaluable. 

He is only a phone call away if we need his help. We would highly recommend Grant and Koldtek.”

We have 3 x 2 pallet vacuum coolers supplied from 3 different Australian manufacturers, the Koldtek vacuum cooler is the best, it is reliable and looks well engineered.

The features that sold us on the Koldtek vacuum cooler are:

1. Full stainless steel construction.
2. Remote access feature; enables Koldtek to monitor our machine, support the operator and diagnose problems. Koldtek can change any setting from their office and make adjustments.

We transport the Koldtek vacuum cooler every year. The Koldtek design is well suited for easy transportation.

We highly recommend Koldtek.

Let's talk about how Koldtek can improve your produce cooling systems

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