Vacuum Coolers

KOLDTEK Vacuum Coolers are suitable for many different types of fresh produce and give you the fastest cooling methods. Typically, it only takes 15 to 30 mins to reduce the temperature of produce from 30° to 4°C.

To reduce the temperature of produce with a high surface area to density ratio, you can’t beat vacuum cooling. As the name suggests, it is the process of cooling produce within a vacuum.

The vacuum cools the produce by vaporising water on the surface and just under the surface of the produce. This process of converting water to vapour takes heat energy from the product, consequently produce is cooled.

Produce will lose a minimal amount of moisture during the process, about 1% for every 6°C drop in temperature. This moisture loss is uniform throughout the entire product and so is not noticeable.

Bulkier produce such as broccoli and sweet corn, which take longer to cool, are sprayed with water during the cooling cycle to minimise moisture loss during the process. This is sometimes referred to as Hydro-Vac or Wet-Vac Cooling.

At KOLDTEK we offer a range of vacuum coolers from 1 to 8 pallet capacity.

Features of Koldtek Vacuum Coolers

  • Designed to cool in very hot ambient conditions.
  • Stainless steel construction of the whole machine, chamber and machinery areas. 
  • Computer monitoring and recording of cycles.
  • Remote monitoring, adjusting and support if required.
  • Ability to introduce fresh sanitised water to the cooling cycle thereby re-hydrating produce
  • Horizontal sliding doors save time and space for ease of loading
  • Rapid cooling times, in some cases less than 15 minutes (eg. Lettuce).
  • Fully automatic operation from start to finish with push button controls
  • Our unique “KOLDCOIL” system, developed by KOLDTEK specifically for all our vacuum coolers. This increases the effectiveness of the refrigeration system, resulting in quicker more efficient cooling of your produce, ultimately translating to more money in your pocket.

The Benefits

  • Very reliable – will not let you down
  • Easy to operate – you can quickly train an employee to manage cooling.
  • Superior quality materials ensure a high resale value.
  • Affordable for all different producers, with options to buy new  machines, refurbished  machines and also to  rent machines.

    Produce suitable for vacuum cooling

    • lettuce
    • cabbage
    • spinach
    • baby leaf
    • cos lettuce
    • kale
    • wombok
    • broccoli
    • Brussel sprouts
    • mushrooms
    • celery
    • corn
    • beans
    • cut flowers

    Click here for a more comprehensive list of produce and the cooling format it is best suited-to from

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